Member Informed Strategy, Marketing and Innovation

Members want more than to just purchase or join or attend, they want to belong. They want their problems solved. They want to connect. But how do you do all this? By asking members what their biggest challenges are and then finding solutions to those challenges, over and over again.

Member Research

Smooth The Path Member Research 100 V2

Using a special methodology for associations we uncover members’ challenges, needs and opinions. These insights show you the path to richer strategies, meaningful innovation and better marketing.


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Taking audiences on a story-filled journey we see through our member’s eyes. In keynotes, sessions or webinars enjoy a mix of real examples, step-by-step how-to, and interactive learning.

Online Courses

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Specially designed for professionals interested in association membership and marketing this new video series helps you think differently about membership by our members’ key milestones.


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Each article or post offers a solution to association professionals who want to figure out how to engage members more, improve experiences and offer additional value.

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